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→ DC Comics’ Facebook Poll Backfires

DC Comics posted a Facebook poll asking how people wanted to learn the character histories of its heroes in the “New 52 Universe.” The result were, unsurprisingly, hilarious. My favorite:

Sell all your characters to Marvel and let them fix the problems

→ At least we can Trust the NIE, right?

The unusual statement from the Office of the Director of National Intelligence appeared to have two goals: updating the public on the latest findings of the investigation into the assault, and shielding the White House from a political backlash over its original accounts.

The foreign policy debate on Wednesday should be interesting.

→ 5 New Obamacare-Related Taxes to Look Forward to in 2013

Nothing like taxing the sale of medical devices. Of course, President Obama is just so much “likable” than Governor Romney, so we might as well give him 4 more years to drive the economy into the ground.

→ Microsoft Using Millions of Watts of Extra Power to Avoid Fines

This is why industry regulation falls so consistently. What a mess.

→ Facebook will not let you see a History of Everything You Search For

Facebook today began rolling out a new feature that lets you see a history of everything you’ve searched for on the social network. A list of search queries now appears intermingled with all the Likes, comments, and wall posts that appear inside the Activity Log — a private section of your profile that only you can view. Only searches from now on get included in the Activity Log, so you can’t go back and revisit who you’ve been repeatedly stalking all these years. It works just like search and URL history inside your web browser.

Every time Facebook rolls out a feature like this I feel more and more like I should just close my Facebook account. This just feels creepy.

→ eBook Publishers Raising Prices for Libraries

According to documents posted on infodocket earlier this week, the average price of backlisted books (those from 2010 or earlier) is set to jump by 220 percent in October. Hachette has responded, saying that the new prices “fairly reflect the value to the library customer” since ebooks will not need to be replaced at the same rate as physical books.

What a bunch of garbage. Publishers cannot be cut from the “author-to-reader” delivery chain soon enough.

→ Getting Rowdy at the Ryder Cup

What a great moment. I cannot imagine how popular a golfer would become if he/she did this on every first tee.

→ Plans for a New Rays Ballpark

My fiancé and I might be visiting her family in Tampa a lot more if this place gets built.

→ Tech Industry Donating More to Obama than Even Hollywood

Based on my experiences with the people I wrote software with, this is not surprising. The idea that liberal policies actually help people in the tech industry seems to be further pushed by tech press, especially in the independent tech press. Combine both of those things with the fact the tech industry has not been hit as hard by the economic downturn and you can see why it might be hard for people in the tech industry to recognize the negative effect President Obama has had on the economy over the past 4 years.

→ A Solid Take on Current Polling

Erick Erickson, writing on Red State:

Here’s a simple truth: the polls and polling trends are by and large accurate, but — and pay attention to the but — the polls are overestimating Democratic turnout. Those polls that presume less than a 2008 Democratic wave, which I think is most reasonable, have the race very close, though pretty much all of them have Romney still behind. The reality is that Mitt Romney is behind, but that does not mean this thing is over. It is close and Romney can very much still win this election. Finally, at long last, it also seems Romney has a message that can resonate.

That seems to be the most straightforward, and honest, explanation of what is currently happening with the presidential polling.

Hot in Fever – Tim Cook on Apple Maps

Currently hot in my Fever instance – Tim Cook on Apple Maps

No surprise, this story is going to be huge for a few days. The original letter is available at

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→ It’s My iPhone Case Too

David Sparks uses the same “iPhone Case” I do: AppleCare+.

→ Doing the Right Thing by Bringing Back the Real Refs

Dan Wetzel writing for Yahoo Sports:

Score this one for public pressure, as the NFL, under intense scrutiny and criticism, finally acknowledged that the job of referee isn’t just a replaceable occupation. As a tidal wave of tumult grew over the season’s first three weeks – capped by Sunday and Monday nights’ nationally-broadcast embarrassments – the league’s hypothesis that it could pretty much round up anyone off the street, put them in striped shirts and the game would go on fine was over.

The NFL’s hand was forced.

Currently Hot in my Fever – All Apple and Google Maps All the Time

Currently hot in my Fever instance – All Apple and Google Maps All the Time1

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  1. The first 5 hot blocks are all related to Apple and Google Maps 

Force OCR in PDFPen Pro

Sometimes I have a PDF that has just some OCRed text on a page but the rest of the page has not been properly OCRed. This little bit of OCRed text prevents PDFpen for Mac1 from automatically OCRing the document. PDFPen Pro allows you to force OCR, however, by

Holding COMMAND + OPTION and then selecting "OCR Document" from the "Edit" menu.

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→ Media Guilt over Obama

The Daily Caller points to a post from Howard Fineman that says President Obama has been getting a bounce in the polls

without having to seriously and substantively defend his first-term failed promises or shortcomings, and without having to say much, if anything. about what, if anything, he might do substantially differently if he is fortunate enough to win again. …

Obama was such a cool and uplifting story to so many in the media in 2008 that they essentially ceded ground to him that they have yet to reclaim. He ran a tightly controlled message campaign then, and has run an even more tightly controlled White House, with few press conferences and deep access only to those most likely to write positive stories. Univision didn’t get the memo, and its reporters hammered the president about immigration last week. It was a rare moment.

I wonder how long it is before people really stop believing anything from the traditional media. People talk about the rise of the Internet and how that has resulted in a decline in print media, but part of the problem is also the circle of liberal reporting that dominates so many traditional publications. Why should people who have conservative values pay to support a bunch of people who attempt to inject their liberal views into every news story?

→ Meet the US Ryder Cup Team

I am really looking forward to this. The ideal story, of course: Tiger v. Rory on Sunday with the whole thing on the line.

→ CBS Does Not Air Clip of Obama Saying his Campaign Ads Go to Far

Why would CBS air a clip that paints President Obama in a bad light? It is not like they are claiming to be an unbiased news organization or anything.

→ Real Refs on Sunday

So sayeth Adam Schefter.

→ PDFpen for iPhone Released

Smile Software has just released PDFpen for iPhone to compliment their their existing PDFpen for iPad and PDFen for Mac ecosystem of PDF editing apps. I love the family of PDFpen apps, to the point that I uninstalled the company provided copy of Adobe Acrobat that I had on my laptop1. I do all of my PDF manipulation in these apps.

You can get all of the details of the latest iPhone release on Smile Software’s site. Also, as become tradition for PDFpen releases, there is a David Sparks screencast about the application.

  1. I also uninstalled it because every time I tried to update the application it would try make Acrobat Reader my default PDF viewing application.