→ Jeremy Keith’s Response to Twitter’s Display Guidelines

What happened when Jeremy Keith asked a friend at Twitter about the new display guidelines and how they would apply to personal websites?

The answer I got surprised me. Apparently the display guidel… requirements do apply to me. If I want to quote a tweet on my website, I’m supposed to use the embed code to make sure that people can favourite/retweet/follow, etc.

F#$k. That. Shit.

I’ve gone back through my previous blog posts where I was using the official embed code and I’ve stripped it out of each and every one. If you are quoting a tweet on your site, I strongly encourage you not to use the offical embed code. I strongly encourage Twitter to stick their display requirements where the sun don’t shine.

Thankfully, Ryan Sarver of Twitter issued a clarification after Mr. Keith made his post:

sorry if that isn’t clear, but the new Display Requirements only apply to use through the API

You would think Twitter could at least get their message straight about how they are going to try and hose people.