→ Buchholz is one the few Bright Spots for the Sox This Year

All this is not to shroud Buchholz’s dramatic improvement in a cloak of luck. It would be far too simple to say Buchholz’s resurgence is due to luck, just like it would be foolhardy to point to his disastrous start to the year as all luck. The truth is that Buchholz was rather unlucky early on and has benefited from luck since, but the underlying changes are what are far more important and are what will matter to Buchholz’s future. He’s rediscovered his changeup, and in the process, discovered another weapon in a split-fingered fastball he can use to get batters out. In a season to forget, the Red Sox may all look back on 2012 as the year Clay Buchholz became the best right-handed pitcher on the Red Sox staff for years to come.

Excellent piece by Evan Brunell, who you can normally find on Fire Brand of the American League.