The Heavy Hitters in Tech Blogging on Twitter’s API Changes

Yesterday Twitter announced upcoming changes to their API and there has already been a ton of brilliant writing about the changes. For a breakdown on the changes, I recommend either Marco Arment’s posting or Dieter Bohn’s writeup on The Verge. There is also commentary from Ben Brooks, Matthew Panzarino, Dan Frommer, and MG Siegler. Over at Daring Fireball, John Gruber has two posts, one in response to Anil Dash1 and one that summarizes his interpretation of the changes, entitled Twitter to Client Developers: Drop Dead:

So Klout, which is utter vainglorious masturbatory nonsense, that’s OK. But services like Storify and Favstar, which are actually useful and/or fun, those are no good. And don’t even get me started on Twitter turning against client apps.

The whole thing makes the development of look even more important than it did just 24 hours ago.