Hillary Allegedly Says No to VP Slot

> Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was pressed by her husband and a top Obama aide to consider replacing Vice President Joe Biden just a couple of weeks ago …

> But Clinton, exhausted from four years of international travel and diplomacy, shrugged off the suggestion to lay the groundwork for her own 2016 bid with her husband at her side, according to author Ed Klein.

The Weekly Standard says that [the State Department has denied this]( Still, it seems to make sense that she would want to run herself in 2016 instead of being second fiddle to President Obama if he manages to win[^hilary].

[^hilary]: I am torn as to whether or not she would help or hinder President Obama’s election chances. I know people who are currently leaning toward voting for Governor Romney but would probably switch if Secretary Clinton was on the ballot. On the other hand, Secretary Clinton has notoriously high negative recognition that could detract from President Obama’s reelection changes..