Harsh Words from Brett Kelly on Writing

> If you spend two hours meticulously crafting a blog post or six months editing your manuscript, don’t even think it’s alright to clumsily sh\*t out a three-sentence email full of mechanical errors, typos and poorly-worded sentences just because your Mom is the only person who will ever read it.

I do not agree with Mr. Kelly on this. I feel there are times when the key is to convey a piece of information, and the amount of time that would have to be invested to convey that information in proper sentences, etc… would outweigh its value.

Mr. Kelly also states that one of the benefits of his approach is:

> If you always write to the best of your ability, then you’ll always be improving and you won’t need to decide to do something the right way. You’ll just do it. And, you’ll want to do it better.

That is true, however, it is not the only path to improvement. For example, I am currently working on reducing the amount of time it takes make to transpose a thought into some form of written word. I have found that concentrating on using proper form in my writing does not push me to improve on my speed. While Mr. Kelly seems to be suggesting that you should take extra time to improve, I am working on trying to take less to improve. I think either approach has potential to result in an improvement in your writing.