→ The Story of Urban Meyer

Excellent piece on Urban Meyer by Wright Thompson over at ESPN. I especially like the description of what his family made him promise before he accepted the Ohio State job:

Framed above his desk hung the contract he signed with his kids, written on pink notebook paper.

  1. My family will always come first.

  2. I will take care of myself and maintain good health.

  3. I will go on a trip once a year with Nicki — MINIMUM.

  4. I will not go more than nine hours a day at the office.

  5. I will sleep with my cellphone on silent.

  6. I will continue to communicate daily with my kids.

  7. I will trust God’s plan and not be overanxious.

  8. I will keep the lake house.

  9. I will find a way to watch Nicki and Gigi play volleyball.

  10. I will eat three meals a day.