→ Craigslist Removes Exclusive License Provision from New Postings

From the EFF:

Nevertheless, it was important for craigslist to remove the provision because claiming an exclusive license to the user’s posts–to the exclusion of everyone, including the original poster–would have harmed both innovation and users’ rights, and would have set a terrible precedent. We met with craigslist to discuss this recently and are pleased about their prompt action.

Kudos all around for getting this changed so quickly. Now to figure out what to do about Craiglist’s aggressive moves to prevent aggregation of their listings1.

  1. I have not decided where I come down on this issue. I understand that Craigslist may be concerned about losing its dominant position in the add space. I think, however, they could evolve into the entry point that everyone goes to in order to enter ads that show up on other sites. An example business model for this would be charging access to an API that gets the ads for a specific category. An end user who is selling both her old car and her old computer could go to Craigslist to place both ads, but potential buyers for each product might see the products on specific car or computer marketplace sites that pay Craigslist for API access.