→ Joe Posnanski on Derek Redmond

You certainly know his story — you’ve at least seen the Visa commercial narrated by Morgan Freeman. Redmond was a 400-meter runner for Great Britain. He was good, too, especially when he was young and healthy. He was fast enough to set the British record, fast enough to be on the British team that shocked the United States in the 4×400 relay at the World Championships in Tokyo.

While at first the pain had shocked him into a kind of obliviousness, when trainers surrounded him, Redmond remembered again where he was. These were the semifinals of the Olympics. And, as if driven by instinct, he got up and started hobbling toward the finish line. He would say then that in his mind, he was racing again. He still thought he might be able to pass some runners. He did not seem to understand that the race was long over, that everyone else had finished.

It is getting dusty in here.