→ Daniel Jalkut on Passwords

Daniel Jalkut with a really good piece on password security in light of the recent Mat Honan hacking story. I especially like this part:

One way to protect yourself is by declining to delegate authentication to third parties. When enrolling in a new service that offers Twitter or Facebook authentication, I usually go through the nuisance of creating a new account instead. That way I can choose a unique passphrase, and store that in my keychain. I prefer this to allowing numerous items to be implicitly added to my Twitter or Facebook “keychain.” Don’t put all your eggs in one basket, as they say. (Well, that’s what I’m doing with my keychain, but I am empowered to personally protect it and to back it up as I see fit.)

This whole story was enough motivation for my fiancé and me to start changing all of our passwords at least yearly.