Tip for Making Sure to You Do Not Miss Olympic Medal Events Live

The NBC Olympics Live Extra app is great1 for watching Olympic events live. Unfortunately, it is not as good for sending notifications when certain events, especially medal events, are occurring. That’s where the London Olympics app comes in. In the London Olympics app, you can get a daily schedule of the sports, including an indicator for when there is a medal round for a particular sport:

When you click on one of the sports, then you get a more detailed view of all the events in the sport, including which ones feature medal rounds at a particular time:


Tap on the little clock icon and you’ll get a notification when a medal event is about to start.


Yes, the process is a little kludgy, but at least it gives you a notification so you do not miss something you want to see.

  1. The overall review of the app and NBC’s Olympics coverage are at best “mixed.” I have been lucky so far and only had a one event where I missed the a key moment because the app hiccuped.