Readability ends its Payment System

Readability announced today that it is doing away with its publisher payment collection system.

“Reading behavior on the web is incredibly fragmented,” [Readability’s CEO] says, revealing that only 2,000 domains were enrolled in the program compared to “millions” that came through Readability’s servers. That led to $150,000 in unclaimed funds, money which the company is hoping it can give to intended recipients. Writers and other content providers who haven’t yet registered with Readability yet can do so anytime before July 15th if they’d like to collect reader fees their domain has earned, with all payments scheduled to be doled out by July 31st.

I liked the concept of Readability, but think its execution was flawed. Unfortunately, it seems the best way to support independent creators is to setup individual subscriptions that give them a few bucks a month.

UPDATE: Marco Arment breaks down why Readability failed.