The Continuing Walks of Daniel Bard

UPDATE: – 6/5Fangraphs has posted an excellent breakdown of Bard’s troubles.

“I think it’s maybe we tried to turn me into a starter rather than take the same pitcher I was out of the ‘pen and just move that guy to the rotation. It’s all my fault, essentially, so maybe it’s just a matter of getting back to what I had success doing in the past.”

Daniel Bard after his latest start. (h/t Fenway West)

It’s depressing to watch Bard’s most recent outings. I say that not just as a Red Sox fan, but also someone who knows him from his days pitching at North Carolina and someone who has a close friend that went to school with him and says nothing but positive things about him.

Unfortunately, no one seems to have any answers for what is going wrong. For example, Bobby Valentine could just say “I’ll think about it a while, I have some time.” Here’s hoping that they figure something out soon, or it might be Dice-K taking the mound Friday instead of Bard.

(For more coverage of Bard’s outing see the Providence Journal here and here)