Top 5 Books I am Looking Forward to in The New DC Universe

I am taking a page from [iFanboy]( and creating a list of the five books I am most looking forward to in the new DC universe.[^missed]

[![Batgirl]( “Batgirl”)](

One of the first trades I ever bought was Gail Simone’s *Birds of Prey*[^bop]. I have been a huge fan of Ms. Simone ever since. I especially loved *Villain’s United* and her run on *Secret Six*. In fact, I feel that the lack of a *Secret Six* book in the new DC Universe is one of the major negatives about the relaunch. On the other hand, having Ms. Simone get the reins to a book about Barbara Gordon as Batgirl sounds amazing. Though I enjoyed Barbara as Oracle, I am not someone who is particularly upset she is once again going to wear the bat symbol. I am really looking forward to this.

[![Grifter]( “Grifter”)](

I have never read anything that has featured Gritfer, but the fact that [Nathan Edmondson]( is writing the book is enough to make me excited. Mr. Edmondson writes the excellent *Who is Jake Ellis?* book from image. Assuming he can bring the same sensibilities to the grifter series that he does to *Who is Jake Ellis?*, this could be a sleeper hit.[^edmondson]

[![Suicide Squad]( “Suicide Squad”)](

I am torn on this one. As I mentioned earlier, my favorite DC book was *Secret Six*. Conceptually, *Suicide Squad* is very similar to *Secret Six*. Additionally, Harley Quinn is one of my favorite characters in media. I love her in *Batman: The Animated Series*, I own the entire run of her solo DC Comic, and I refuse to part with my copy of *Absolute Hush* just because of 2 pages of amazing Harley-centric art. That being said: What is that new costume? It’s just horrible. Having such a costume makes me extremely worried about how they are going to handle her characterization. I have to pick this up just to see how they’re going to handle her.

[![Blackhawks]( “Blackhawks”)](

I am really interested in a number of the war books that are part of the DC relaunch. Since *Blackhawks* comes from *G.I. Joe: Cobra* author Mike Costa, it gets a position on this list[^ivan]. Mr. Costa’s *Cobra* series was a great stand alone spy story. It was what every nail-biting, espionage thriller should strive to be. I am hoping he brings that same style to this modern re-imagining of the DC Universe Blackhawks.

[![JL Dark]( “JL Dark”)](

Though a lot of discussion this past week has been about the new *Justice League* from Geoff Johns and Jim Lee, there has also been a decent amount of buzz about Peter Milligan’s *Justice League Dark*. This book looks like it could be a team book featuring the characters who have moved over to the DC Universe from Vertigo, including: John Constantine, Madam Xanadu, Zatanna, and Enchantress. A book the explores magic, the super natural, and some of the darker corners of the DC Universe sounds like it could be a major hit.

[^missed]: Both Scott Snyder books, *Batman* and *Swamp Thing* just missed the list. I could not decide which one I was more excited for and just decided to leave them both off the list. If [Francesco Francavilla]( was the primary artist on *Swamp Thing* instead of a secondary artist, it would have made the list.

[^ivan]: It narrowly beat out Ivan Brandon’s *Sgt. Rock and the Men of War*. I have been a fan of Mr. Brandon since I first met him at HeroesCon in 2009.

[^edmondson]: I always used to remember Mr. Edmondson at cons because he always had his old school typewriter with him. I thought it was a brilliant gimmick. After HeroesCon 2011, however, I now remember Mr. Edmondson because I’m pretty sure he hit on my girlfriend while we were deciding whether or not to buy *Who is Jake Ellis?* t-shirts.

[^bop]: I read Ms. Simone’s entire first run on *Birds of Prey*. I loved the whole thing. Unfortunately, I was not as wild about her second run on the series. I think that has something to do with what appeared to be artist delays. I am looking forward to Duane Swierczynski’s *Birds of Prey* but it fell just outside of my top 5.