Top 5 Books I am Looking Forward to in The New DC Universe

I am taking a page from iFanboy and creating a list of the five books I am most looking forward to in the new DC universe.1


One of the first trades I ever bought was Gail Simone’s Birds of Prey2. I have been a huge fan of Ms. Simone ever since. I especially loved Villain’s United and her run on Secret Six. In fact, I feel that the lack of a Secret Six book in the new DC Universe is one of the major negatives about the relaunch. On the other hand, having Ms. Simone get the reins to a book about Barbara Gordon as Batgirl sounds amazing. Though I enjoyed Barbara as Oracle, I am not someone who is particularly upset she is once again going to wear the bat symbol. I am really looking forward to this.


I have never read anything that has featured Gritfer, but the fact that Nathan Edmondson is writing the book is enough to make me excited. Mr. Edmondson writes the excellent Who is Jake Ellis? book from image. Assuming he can bring the same sensibilities to the grifter series that he does to Who is Jake Ellis?, this could be a sleeper hit.3

Suicide Squad

I am torn on this one. As I mentioned earlier, my favorite DC book was Secret Six. Conceptually, Suicide Squad is very similar to Secret Six. Additionally, Harley Quinn is one of my favorite characters in media. I love her in Batman: The Animated Series, I own the entire run of her solo DC Comic, and I refuse to part with my copy of Absolute Hush just because of 2 pages of amazing Harley-centric art. That being said: What is that new costume? It’s just horrible. Having such a costume makes me extremely worried about how they are going to handle her characterization. I have to pick this up just to see how they’re going to handle her.


I am really interested in a number of the war books that are part of the DC relaunch. Since Blackhawks comes from G.I. Joe: Cobra author Mike Costa, it gets a position on this list4. Mr. Costa’s Cobra series was a great stand alone spy story. It was what every nail-biting, espionage thriller should strive to be. I am hoping he brings that same style to this modern re-imagining of the DC Universe Blackhawks.

JL Dark

Though a lot of discussion this past week has been about the new Justice League from Geoff Johns and Jim Lee, there has also been a decent amount of buzz about Peter Milligan’s Justice League Dark. This book looks like it could be a team book featuring the characters who have moved over to the DC Universe from Vertigo, including: John Constantine, Madam Xanadu, Zatanna, and Enchantress. A book the explores magic, the super natural, and some of the darker corners of the DC Universe sounds like it could be a major hit.

  1. Both Scott Snyder books, Batman and Swamp Thing just missed the list. I could not decide which one I was more excited for and just decided to leave them both off the list. If Francesco Francavilla was the primary artist on Swamp Thing instead of a secondary artist, it would have made the list. 

  2. I read Ms. Simone’s entire first run on Birds of Prey. I loved the whole thing. Unfortunately, I was not as wild about her second run on the series. I think that has something to do with what appeared to be artist delays. I am looking forward to Duane Swierczynski’s Birds of Prey but it fell just outside of my top 5. 

  3. I always used to remember Mr. Edmondson at cons because he always had his old school typewriter with him. I thought it was a brilliant gimmick. After HeroesCon 2011, however, I now remember Mr. Edmondson because I’m pretty sure he hit on my girlfriend while we were deciding whether or not to buy Who is Jake Ellis? t-shirts. 

  4. It narrowly beat out Ivan Brandon’s Sgt. Rock and the Men of War. I have been a fan of Mr. Brandon since I first met him at HeroesCon in 2009.