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→ NFL report contends home markets failed Rams, Raiders, Chargers

Are you serious? The home markets “failed” these NFL teams? This whole thing is disgusting. NFL teams demand public funds, tax breaks, etc… to get a stadium built and then make billions of dollars without actually benefiting the surrounding areas (despite claims they do.) Part of me feels bad for these areas losing their teams, but part just wants to invite them to join the growing crowd of people who thinks the NFL is a disgrace.


→ Awful CFP semifinal ratings show sport still lacks common sense

Dan Wetzel tears down College Football for having the playoff games on New Year’s Eve:

You move an event from a national holiday synonymous with the sport to the middle of a workday for many and this is what happens – ratings drop as much as 45 percent. Double that by placing a second game on a night with endless entertainment options and longstanding traditions and you’re completely spitting in the face of many of your fans.

I was one of those people who felt much less inclined to watch the various games on New Year’s Day after this. What other sport would put its bet games in a subpar time slot as a prelude to inferior games?


→ Clemson advances to the national title game, dominates Oklahoma in second half

The second was pretty fun to watch.


→ Dabo Swinney lived with his mom in college at Alabama and it made them closer

In case you need one more reason to root for Dabo.


→ Clemson faked a punt in the playoff vs Oklahoma and it blew college football’s mind

As this play was developing I screamed “I can’t believe this is happening again.” After the pass was completed, however, the whole feeling of the game changed.


→ Sooners talked early, but Clemson delivered final word in Orange Bowl

Oklahoma talked a lot before this game, so I quite enjoyed watching Clemson thump them. That said, I don’t think there is going to be a lot of talk from Alabama before the title game.


→ A quick look ahead to the Clemson-Alabama national championship

Clemson’s main goal is going to be stopping Henry, which is what Michigan State tried to do, but in doing so, it’s also going to have to put pressure on Coker. The Tigers actually executed this feat well against the Oklahoma offensive line. Clemson got a ton of pressure on Oklahoma quarterback Baker Mayfield and sacked him five times. Mayfield, who has been an additional rushing threat for the Sooners at times this season, finished with 10 carries for minus-15 yards.

The previews of the game are already starting, and this one sounds about right.


→ 3 Clemson Players Suspended for Orange Bowl

Huge bummer. It looks like things are coming off the rails before they have even started.


→ Why are the playoff semifinals on New Year’s Eve again?

This is confusing to everyone because New Year’s Day is a great time for a couple big games and New Year’s Eve is a horrible one – at least if you are one of the many people who A) have to work, or B) have other plans that night. In other words, tens of millions of you.

So why is this happening? Why is college football staging its semifinals at a time that everyone predicts will cause fewer people to watch?

Here’s the honest answer: the people who run college football don’t care about you. At all. Like, not one single bit.

Dan Wetzel does an excellent job pointing out how stupid of a decision this is. Even as a die-hard college football fan, I wish the games were on another day.


→ Odell Beckham’s war with Josh Norman leads to one-game suspension

Beckham’s hit was flat out dirty. I think he should have been suspended for more games.


→ Suspended Florida QB Will Grier will transfer

This doesn’t make any sense. Grier would surely be in contention to be the starting QB when he got back. There has to be more to this story.


→ Dabo Swinney rents out a Frankie’s Fun Park for the Team

As I’ve said before, I can see why people have a lot of fun playing for Dabo.


→ Clemson WR Artavis Scott had meniscus surgery after ACC title game

So he was only 80%, but he’ll probably be fine by the bowl game? I’ve got my fingers crossed that’s true. They need Scott to win.


→ Buzzer-beater against UNC gives Shaka Smart first big win at Texas

I would always prefer that Carolina (unless they’re playing Clemson), but I am glad that Shaka is starting to really get his Texas kids to buy in.


→ Are we witnessing the decline of the great Darrelle Revis?

I’m not going to shed a tear at Revis’ decline. Couldn’t happen to a nice guy.


→ Dabo Swinney’s quotebox: To be ‘All In,’ ‘don’t buy the lie’ and B.Y.O.G.

Dabo’s the best. I hope he’s having good luck getting the Tigers ready for December 31.


→ Watson Wins Davey O’Brien Awards

Not a real surprise, since Watson was the only QB in the Heisman finals. That said, it is well deserved.


→ Derrick Henry, Deshaun Watson and Christian McCaffrey are Heisman finalists

Good to see Deshaun on the list. I think people have already decided that Henry is going to get the award, but I’m glad to see that Deshaun (at least) gets to attend.


→ Clemson DE Shaq Lawson says he’s declaring for the NFL draft

Not a surprise. Hopefully, he can leave as a national champion.


→ Clemson relishes break between games after playing 10 consecutive weeks

I wonder how much having to play 10 games in a row impacted them down the stretch. I am cautiously optimistic that they’ll play a little stronger come December 31.