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→ Pedro Martinez: ‘Boston, I don’t have enough words to say how much I love you’

Boston, I don’t have enough words to say how much I love you,” Martinez said during a 30-minute speech that began in English and ended in Spanish, as he addressed a huge Dominican audience that showed up with flags and shirts to honor one of the country’s greatest athletes.

As I have said before, Pedro is the best.


→ Who can the Red Sox trade before the deadline?

Since this season is, essentially, over, we might as well start thinking about how this year’s trade deadline is going impact the team going forward.


→ Here’s Where The Marvel Movie Characters Stand, Now That Phase 2 Is Over

A good reference for people who can’t remember all of the details of the past few Marvel movies.


→ Why Card Position in WWE Is Important

TH writing at The Wrestling Blog:

The truth is Owens will probably be fine in a macroscopic sense. He’ll continue to draw a fat, main roster paycheck, which is something he deserves for busting his ass for over a decade to get where he is now. He’ll be featured on RAW and Smackdown, and fans will always support him like they continue to support Cesaro and Ziggler. But the average fan cannot be begrudged his or her feelings of dread on Owens’ creative future. He went from wining and dining with kings and queens to eating pork and beans in the back alley in terms of his importance to the narrative, at least seemingly he has.

That’s exactly how I feel about the whole thing. Yes, I know Owens will be fine as far as “providing for his family”, but I want to see him wrestle.


→ ∞ Apple Music is a nightmare and I’m done with it

When one of the most popular Apple writers pens a piece like this, there are some real problems with the service. The more I read about it, the more I am glad I just stuck with Spotify.


→ Rise plans to open north Raleigh location

I think donuts and biscuits from Rise are delicious. I go there rarely, however, because the ordering experience (lines, structure of the queue, etc..) is horrific. I hope they fix that in this new location.


→ Ben Brooks on how he uses Due for Short Term Memory

I use Due1 almost the same way as Ben does: When I have a task that I need to get completed. I have it set to pop up a modal window every minute until I get the task done.

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→ The Princess and the Frog, Frozen, and Tangled Added to Fantasmic! at Walt Disney World

I’m glad to see they are working to revamp this show, even in advance of the more full revamp rumored for next year.


→ Pedro Martinez comments on Colin Cowherd

I’m sorry. He needs to get to my level to answer him. I’m in the Hall of Fame.

Pedro is the best.


→ Report: 2 Florida players cited for not paying for food

The name of the crime is spectacular: Fraud Swindle: Defraud Innkeeper under $300.


→ Behind the scenes reactions from U.S. officials to September 11th terror attacks

An absolutely amazing set of photographs from one of the most infamous days in United States history. Even 14+ years later, it is surreal looking at these images.


→ Cole Hamels fires no-hitter in potential last start with Phillies

If this is Hamels’ last start as a member of the Phillies, he picked a heck of way to go out.


→ Daniel Bryan Hoping to Be Back for Royal Rumble, Wrestling Now Stuck in Time Loop

TH’s take about Bryan changing his style, if he’s able to come back, sounds like a good approach to me.


→ Dates confirmed for this year’s Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights

It looks like Elyssa and I will be running through the Osborne Lights in November.


→ Daniel Bryan on Cheap Heat

Daniel Bryan describing his ring attire as “spandex battle jammies” is my favorite thing.


→ For the Love of God, Bring Back the EA Sports ‘NCAA Football’ Games

All the issues with player payment aside, I really miss this game. (And, yes, I no I just dismissed a major, major issue with 7 words, but…ummm…nevermind.)


→ Roger Goodell’s handling of deflate-gate has become three-ring circus

Dan Wetzel has a fabulous column on “DeflateGate”:

One month and Goodell still can’t figure out what to do, which somehow isn’t really all that surprising since if he knew what to do in the first place the entire story would have been snuffed out in a day or so – or however long it took the NFL to figure out it has no idea, let alone any actual proof, that the footballs at the AFC title game were even all that deflated.

It bears repeating there remains no proof the footballs were even significantly deflated in deflate-gate. For all the curiousness and suspicion from having some Foxborough locker room lackey calling himself “The Deflator” and taking the balls into a bathroom just before kickoff, he may not have even deflated anything. That should have been obvious to the NFL within a day of the AFC championship game. You’d think the league would have started there.

You can even believe Brady did it, or at least this was extremely suspicious – as I tend to do – and be appalled at a league office that is willing to suspend him for four games with not just little to no evidence that he did anything but little to no evidence that anything even happened.

As he usually does, Wetzel nails it. I recomend reading the whole thing.


→ Ohio State’s Braxton Miller says he’s moving from QB to WR

Miller was one of the preseason favorites for the Heisman last year before he got hurt. Now, he’s moving to receiver because he’s third on the depth chart at Ohio State. I guess that explains why Ohio State is the favorite to win the title again this year.


→ Celebrity Spotting: Marvel’s Falcon, Anthony Mackie, at the Magic Kingdom

I just think this is awesome.


→ Tom Brady Negotiating with Roger Goodell for Settlement

I really hope that Brady sticks to his guns and refuses to accept any suspension at all.