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→ This is our fucking city.

“Alright. Alright Boston. This jersey that we wear today, it doesn’t say Red Sox. It says Boston. We want to thank you Mayor [Thomas] Menino, Governor [Deval] Patrick, the whole police department for the great job they did this past week. This is our fucking city and nobody is going to dictate our freedom. Stay strong.”

Big Papi capping off an emotional start to the day at Fenway as only Big Papi could.


→ Eugene Kontorovich on the Boston Marathon Bombing as a Precursor to more Brutality

Yet such freakouts are nothing compared to what is in store if the the Marathon bombing means that Chechen jihadis has come to U.S. shores. The Chechens mounted one of the most vicious terror campaigns ever against Russia in the 1990s, blowing up apartment buildings, and launching massive attacks on theaters and even schools. They are known as among the most violent and dedicated terrorists in the world. They can be found fighting in Libya, Syria and every other major jihadi campaign. Though usually they have to sneak into the target countries, rather than coming on a visa as the Boston bombers apparently did.)

Russia only succeeded in suppressing the Chechen Islamists with extremely brutal tactics that would never find support in the U.S – essentially leveling the Chechen capital. Yet dealing with such a threat would also be impossible with a politically correct approach to counter-terror that, for example, turns away from talking frankly about the terrorists profiles and motives.

If what Prof. Kontorovich is correct, the events of this past week could be the precursor to something even more terrible.


→ Police going door-to-door in hunt for second marathon bomb suspect | Fox News

The remaining terrorist suspect currently has, essentially, put the entire city of Boston under house arrest. The scenes from the city are surreal. I hope they find him soon.


→ Boston Sings the National Anthem

The National Anthem from last night’s Bruins game is a must watch. Take a few minutes and remember how strong Boston, and America, can be.


→ Baucus warns of ‘huge train wreck’ enacting ObamaCare provisions – The Hill’s Healthwatch

Really? You don’t say.

I am torn between believing that people who voted for this law were not intelligent enough to realize this was inevitable, or believing that people who voted for this law knew this would happen and are hoping to leverage it into a single payer system that will completely destroy U.S. healthcare. Tough call.

(h/t Right Coast)


→ Scrivener for iOS Delayed

What a major bummer. On the plus side, I can fully commit to switching over to Ulysses III.

(h/t Curious Rat)


→ Notre Dame visit to Clemson’s Death Valley in the works for 2015 season

I am already getting excited. Of course, this is going to be an impossible ticket to get.


→ Disney Says New ‘Star Wars’ Films Will Open Every Summer Starting in 2015

I am actually okay with this. There is nothing saying that the films will all be sequels of each other. I think there is plenty of room in the Star Wars universe to have a new film every year.


→ Jackie Robinson shoes: Carl Crawford warned by MLB, might get fined for wearing them

Disgusting. Major League Baseball should be ashamed.


→ Patton Oswalt Pitches a Star Wars/Marvel Crossover Movie

Spectacular. Seriously, take a 10 minute break and go watch it.


→ Disney’s Animal Kingdom to celebrate 15th anniversary

I was not there the day it opened, but I was there the next day. It has been my favorite Disney park ever since. I cannot believe it has been 15 years.


→ Tom Izzo favors shortened shot clock, says its growing in popularity among coaches

This a no-brainer. Of course, we are talking about the NCAA, so it probably will not happen.


→ Flixster comes to Xbox 360 with Ultraviolet Collection support

Well, at least I’ll have a way to watch the Veronica Mars movie once the digital version is released1.

  1. As you may know, the Veronica Mars kickstarter project had a digital copy of the movie as one of the incentives. They said they were going to give that digital copy via Flixster. 


→ Is the Will Middlebrooks slump something to worry about?

Hunter Golden gives Red Sox fans some hope with regard to Middlebrooks’ recent struggles:

What’s more is that even if his plate approach doesn’t improve all that much in coming weeks and months, his low BABIP still won’t hold because his raw skill set and Home Park probably won’t allow it to. While it’s true that Middlebrooks had a high BABIP last year, it’s also true that he has a high BABIP every year. In fact, most batters who hit the ball harder tend to maintain consistently higher BABIP’s than their peers and while Middlebrooks may be lacking in some areas, power certainly isn’t one of them. Even though he’s not the most fleet of foot (running is almost always a strong indicator of someone who’ll sustain a higher than normal BABIP), he has the power to hit a lot of line drives. With the added benefit of the green monster, he should not only turn his luck around in the short term, but sustain his usually BABIP heading forward, as well.

I am crossing my fingers that he is right.


→ Everyone Loves a Disney Parade!

A great writeup over at the WDW Radio blog talking about some of the great parades that have taken place at Disney parks. I love reading articles like this and thinking about all the great memories I have at Disney parades(And that one time Prince Charming winked at my fiancé. Not cool Prince Charming. Not cool.).


→ Red Sox 7, Indians 2: Red Sox punish wild Ubaldo Jimenez, win fourth straight

Technically, the game was not over until after 10:30. In reality, it was over at about 7:30.


→ Be Inspired … (Running a runDisney Race)

I am going to think of this picture as I train to run one of these races next year.


→ Everything Takes Care of Itself

Nick Wynja:

We tend to battle with the inevitable. Without realizing that we aren’t in full control of it nor are completely removed from having an impact on how things end up, we drive our lives. If you close your eyes, your life will take care of itself.

As people close to me struggle with various issues, it is hard to keep this principle in mind. I see them in pain and want to do something to help, even when I have faith that things will work out. Hopefully, even as my faith is tested, things will work out.


→ The TWC TV App Will Allow You to Watch On Demand and Live Programming Outside Your Home

Really minimal channels at this point, but it is a step in the right direction. I wonder how long it will be before a Slingbox is not even necessary.


→ Linode hacked, customer database taken

I hate ready stories like this, especially about companies that I utilize so heavily. I should probably just bite the bullet and cancel the credit card I use for Linode billing.