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→ Fireman Ed Quits the Jets for the Season

Watching the Jets this season has been a delight. Such chaos and turmoil could not happen to a nicer bunch of guys.


→ The Current Facebook Copyright Hoax

Just in case you get the urge to post that ridiculous Facebook message about how “your copyright is attached” to your Facebook book posts.


→ Sarah Perez Really Likes the Microsoft Surface

The Microsoft Surface is a great kitchen computer, and sadly, that’s about it.

It’s simply an awful tablet. If you remove the keyboard and try to use in portrait mode, the thing is too long and too narrow. It feels heavy because it’s too thick, despite being about on par with the iPad in weight. But if you attach the keyboard, you then have to be sitting at a desk or table where you can prop the thing up. It’s not a lap computer, which is nutty because tablet computers are for untethering you from a desk, and laptops have the word “lap” in them for a reason. Only Microsoft could come up with a way to make a tablet/laptop combo that forces you back to your desk no matter the configuration you select.

Only Microsoft could make a tablet that’s actually desktop PC.



→ Adding Gangnam Style to Dance Central

A really, really good piece from the guys over at Polygon. It shows how much actually goes into making those like $2-3 “downloadable content” add-ons that are available for music games.


→ Wal-Mart Protests a Bust

Of course they were a joke. Did anyone really think these protests would be anything else?


→ What to do with Downtown Disney?

I wish Disney would make Downtown Disney that fun, nighttime spot it used to be. Mostly, I wish they would re-open the Comedy Warehouse. My family and I would go to 2-3 shows a night there, for at least 3 nights, whenever we went to Disney World.


→ Pick Your Programming Language

A handy little chart to help you pick what programming language you want to learn.

(h/t Gabe at MacDrifter)


→ NC Comicon Sets Attendance Records

Congratulations to the guys from Ultimate Comics for putting on a great, and well attended, show.


→ Moving Your Notes From Simplenote to Dropbox

Important tutorial from Michael Schechter in response to Brett Terpstra’s note that nvAlt and Simplenote do not place nicely anymore.


→ James Bond is a Time Lord

I concur.


→ Psy’s ‘Gangnam Style’ becomes most viewed YouTube video of all time

Take that Bieber.


→ Ohio States Finishes the Season Undefeated

I hope they beat Maryland by 50 in every game they play for the next 50 years.


→ Samsung Rasising the Prices on the Production of Apple’s Mobile Processor

I completely agree with Moltz on this one.


→ Seth Godin’s Fall Reading List

I think I am going to add a couple of these to my reading queue.


Christmas Gift Guides

It’s the time of year when websites start putting out their Christmas gift guides. Here are some of the better ones I have found:

→ The Lessons from the Election’s Numbers Start to Emerge

Michael Barone, writing on NRO:

My tentative conclusion is that we may be back to the nearly even balance between the parties we saw between 1995 and 2005. Since then, we’ve been in a period of open-field politics, with big swings to the Democrats in 2006 and 2008 and a big swing to the Republicans in 2010.

Both sides hoped those swings would prove permanent. 2012 suggests both sides were disappointed. It looks like we’re back to trench-warfare politics at the national level.

This is probably the most positive thing that has been said about the Republican Party’s prospects going forward.


→ Tip for Nik Customers

It might be good time to transfer your customer information to Google:

Going forward, Google would like to provide you high-touch technical support for the Nik Software products. In order to be able to do this Google needs to receive the information that Nik Software has about you and your past software purchases such as your name, email address, purchase history, and any other interactions you have had with Nik Software. We ask for your agreement to transfer this data from Nik Software to Google Inc. This data will be used by Google for the purpose of providing you high-touch technical support for Nik Software products if you request such support. The data that is transferred to Google will be subject to the Google Privacy Policy.

The deadline is December 7th and you can make the transfer on Nik’s website.


→ DC Comics Changes Digital Distribution Timing

DC Comics is changing the timing of its digital comics releases from 2pm to 3am Eastern. One of the major driving factors for this change is the inability to set specific release times in certain digital distribution channels1.

Ultimately, this is a positive step for comics readers. It allows readers to download their new Wednesday comics before their morning commute. I understand that some retailers might feel that this will “drive traffic away from comic stores,” but I suspect the people who are downloading their comics before they go to work had mostly already switched to digital. Still, it will be interesting to see how sales charts are affected in the coming months.

  1. They specifically list Amazon, Apple and Barnes & Noble. 


→ Hugh Laurie as a a Pirate

Even NBC cannot mess this up right?


→ RTC’s Recap of Butler’s Domination of Carolina

Brad Stevens knows how to get his kids ready to play tournament games.